Quality Testing

We test your components in collaboration with nationally renowned test labs, and we stand by each one. To ensure your complete peace of mind, we include test reports with every single order.

Our quality program is entirely focused on the needs of the customer. Every exam is free. As a distributor, we encounter a variety of products, some excellent and some subpar. Prior to stocking anything, we must also examine it for quality for our OWN piece of mind. It is simply unfair to customers to charge additional testing fees and pass those costs along to them.


We are all aware of the value of time. We dispatch every order within 24 to 48 hours of receiving, testing, and processing for shipment.


Having various relationships with leading manufacturers around the world that we have developed over the years, we have access to difficult-to-find components. Any product not in stock will be sourced per your requirements and processed only after your confirmation of order.


We offer a 30-day warranty on all the products we supply. An RMA request form will be provided prior to the return of the products if the reason falls within our terms.